Nottingham Stadium Partners With Home Run Hounds!


06 February 2024

A partnership to help retired greyhounds find suitable and loving homes when their racing careers end has been created between Arena Racing Company’s Nottingham and Perry Barr Stadiums and a midlands homing centre.

Founded in 2022, Home Run Hounds operates three homing centres in Wombourne, Stourbridge and Shenstone with the support of a 200-strong volunteer network who share care, walking and public engagement responsibilities. 

The three centres – capable of caring for up to 50 sighthounds in search of their forever home - have now teamed up with Nottingham and Perry Barr Stadiums, who will support 10 kennel spaces for greyhounds recently retired from the tracks. 

The move forms part of Arena Racing Company’s commitment to ensuring greyhounds attached to its five UK venues enjoy a happy and healthy retirement with appropriate owners via its homing partners. 

Tracey Parbery, Director of Home Run Hounds, hopes the move will encourage more families in search of a four-legged friend to consider homing a retired greyhound. 

“Greyhounds make the most wonderful pets in retirement,” said Tracey. “We find a lot of visitors misunderstand greyhounds by believing they require the levels of exercise associated with other working breeds. 

“In reality, they are among the laziest breed you could wish to come across and will sleep for up to 20 hours each day requiring only two short walks.

“We’re really grateful to both Nottingham and Perry Barr Stadiums whose commitment to finding loving homes for these magnificent dogs by supporting our operation contributes to making our job finding appropriate owners easier. 

“Last year, our team homed 40 greyhounds and have found homes for another 10 already in 2024. Much of this is thanks to the hard work of volunteers and donors who help organise monthly walks across the midlands, café visits and pitches at shows. 

“Our first retired greyhounds from Nottingham have settled in really well and we look forward to finding their perfect homes very soon.” 

In addition to finding homes for retired greyhounds, Home Run Hounds’ work also extends to several community services.

They include care home visits with retired greyhounds, community talks, engagement with local groups and helping those living with a disability to enhance their mental and physical experiences through spending time with retired greyhounds.

Claire Butler, Director of Home Run Hounds, is looking forward to continuing to raise awareness of what fantastic pets retired greyhounds make. 

“We’ll be attending several events throughout the year where people can meet and greet retired greyhounds and learn how laid back they are,” said Claire. “We have regular greyhound walks in the midlands and will be at Uttoxeter Racecourse on Saturday, May 4, so please check our website for our latest events. 

“We have greyhounds with all different types of personalities that will be loving companions for all different types of people – whether you are a family, an individual or the older generation. 

“We look forward to matching the right dog to you – you’ll never look back.”

Home Run Hounds is an approved Homing Centre by the Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) – the regulator of licensed greyhound racing – and underpinning the partnership is the GBGB’s Greyhound Retirement Scheme. 

This scheme helps with costs associated with a greyhound’s retirement via a £400 bond – paid jointly by its owner and the GBGB – which goes towards kennelling, feeding and caring for each greyhound whilst it awaits a suitable home. 

David Evans, General Manager at Nottingham Greyhound Stadium, said: “We’re really pleased to enter a new partnership with Home Run Hounds whose outstanding work really aligns with our core greyhound welfare and care values.”

Chris Black, General Manager at Perry Barr Stadium, added: “Ensuring that greyhounds find suitable homes in retirement is one of our biggest priorities and thanks to our homing partners like Home Run Hounds with additional support from the Greyhound Retirement Scheme that we can help link our retired stars with their new owners in retirement.”

To find out more about Home Run Hounds or to arrange a kennel visit to one of its three homing centres, visit

Alternatively, you can contact the team via 07488 253537 or email

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